Playing Allowed: The List Of Countries For Gambling Travelling

The attitude towards gaming and gambling in different countries varies from sin and taboo level to national peculiarity. This way or the other, over the past years the governments tend to encourage gambling, at least the amount of liberal moves prevails over the number of bans in scope. The article kindly prepared by online casino nederlandsegokken gambling stats agency, headquartered in Netherlands, reveals the countries games of chance fans can embark on a journey to experience the buzz of authentic foreign gambling fun.

Australia and New Zealand

In Australia operates a good number of casinos, while Australians prefer such gambling houses as: Star City Casino in Sydney, Crown Casino in Melbourne, Sofitel Reef Casino in Cairns, Adelaide Casino in Adelaide, Burswood Casino in Perth, Canberra Casino in Canberra and Skycity Darwin in Darwin. In Tasmania, gamblers can play in the Wrest Point and Country Club. Players from New Zealand can satisfy the passion for excitement in such gaming establishments as: Dunedin Casino, Christchurch Casino, Skycity Auckland, Skycity Hamilton and Skycity Queenstown.


Both residents and tourists of the Bahamas can legally gamble at such prestigious institutions luxury as Crystal Palace Casino and the Atlantis in the capital of Nassau. Atlantis attracted a cohort of celebrities and powers that be, e.g. Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump and many others. The complex is packed with 850+ slot machines, 75 tables for roulette, blackjack and poker.


Gambling industry replenishes Canada’s budget with about 13bn. CAD annually. In Canada there are about 55 brick and mortar casinos, and according to statistics an average Canadian spends approximately $600 on gambling per year.


In China, the legal gambling is a privilege of Macau province, the income of which four years ago exceeded the similar index in Las Vegas. The administration of casinos in Macau for over the past year has earned about $3 billion, the interest in real gambling establishments in Macau is constantly increasing.


Gambling was incredibly popular in ancient Greece, despite the fact that it was under a ban. Now Greeks can freely test their luck in nine real halls. Gambling industry helps Greece to cope with the financial crisis in the country, the government realized that gambling legalization may be give the desired impulse to economy stabilization.


Gambling business, being one of the foundations of Monaco brings around 7% of revenue to the budget of the kingdom. Particularly generous share is generated by Monaco luxury casino in Monte Carlo, which was built in the late 19th century, which is one of the most inspiring architectural buildings in the Principality.

The Netherlands

In the Netherlands a National Fund for operation and supervision of gambling institutions has been created, which has about 14 offices. The first casino was opened in the Netherlands in 1976, while the profits of all the Dutch gambling houses go directly to the treasury. Thus, in 2007 the profit amounted to approximately $267 million, while in 2012 it was estimated at 1bn EUR.